Spare parts and Important Installation Instructions for Conductor Bar:

Installation:SafeBar Conductor Install

When installing the collectors, ensure that the square bar mounting bracket is welded so that the distance from the running surface of the Safebar to the centre of the square bar mounting bracket is betwee 110 - 120 mm as shown alogn side. Mounting bracket must be square and collectors positioned directly under respective phase.






SafeBar Conductor InstallPower can be applied onto any joint along the length of the system. The power feed kit must be used at the joint where the supply connection is made. Ensure that the selected power feed point is within permissable volt drop allowances for the electrical load requirements.





Safebar Conductor Install


Spare parts (60A, 100A & 250A:

Conductor Spare Part

Conductor Bar Spare


Conductor Spare part

Conductor Spare part

Conductor Bar Spares

Conductor Spare part

Conductor bar Spare parts

Conductor Bar spare parts


Conductor Spare part

Conductor Bar Spare Part


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