Liftco Load Limiters:

Standard Load Limiter (All Specifications Apply)

For use on multi-fall cranes and hoists.

2 Stage Switching Limiter (From Specifications LLL45)

These limiters have two switches, one for use when a warning is required prior to overload cut-out activation.

Slack Rope Limiter (From Specifications LLL45)

For use on wire rope where a pre-set minimum tension is required.

Slack Rope Limiter/Overload Load Limiter (From Specifications LLL45)

For use on hoisting systems where minimum and maximum loading must be monitored e.g. Ship Loading Boom.

Model Max Load Height A Width B Length C Weight Rope Diameter
LLL18 1400Kg 100 60 140 1.3kg 5-13mm
LLL28 2400Kg 100 70 190 1.5kg 10-14mm
LLL45 4500Kg 150 90 250 3.6kg 13-20mm
LLL60 6000Kg 150 90 250 3.8kg 20-24mm
LLL80 8000Kg 215 125 375 7.0kg 20-30mm
LLL150 15000Kg 215 125 375 7.3kg 26-30mm
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