Rope Drum and Guide Protector

(Also known as Side Pull Preventer)

To prevent side pulling and protect rope guides and drums on most multi-fall cranes and hoists. All cranes and hoists are designed for vertical lift only. This unit ensures this is adhered to. If side pulling is attempted with this unit fitted, the direction of pull and the hoisting motion will be stopped.

Body made from steel BS 4360 Grade 43A. Direction Control Switches are heavy duty switches suitable to IP65 and under water to 42 P.S.I. The units are degreased and pickled to remove mill scale, then phosphated before being coated with Sintered Epoxy Powder and cured and 200 degrees C. for 30 minutes to a dry film thickness of +- 150 microns.

This cost saving safety device prevents side pulling with a crane or hoist by detecting angular deflection in the ropes and cutting the hoisting and travel motions. Resetting of the unit is effected by either lowering the hook or moving the crane directly over the load. The unit can be fitted to any multi-fall crane or hoist, either on fixed or moving rope. It is very compact and is normally fitted above the moving range of the bottom block and does not interfere with the range of the lift

Electrical Panel
Electrical switchgear is housed in a compact robust panel to IP55. Box is moulded from self-extinguishing P.V.C. Panel size is 220mm x 167mm x 105mm.

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